Once again we are able to make up some Special Collections suitable for most positions in the garden, with discounts of up to 40% off our catalogue prices. These are OUR selection only.

Please look through our different collections for some new and interesting selections. We do hope you will take this opportunity to order from us  or have some plants sent to some of your gardening friends.

Most of the plants we offer are grown with little or no protection at our Nursery in the North Pennines. The plants we deliver by mail order are the same plants sold at the Nursery. We send the plants in their pots by a 24 or 48 hour service, carefully wrapped so that once received, apart from having to replace any grit top dressing that has been taken off before dispatch they should be ready to be planted out in your garden.

Whilst every effort is made we reserve the right to substitute from the varieties mentioned in the text with plants of similar type and value if absolutely necessary. These offers apply only while stocks last.

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