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We offer a selection of rare and unusual hardy plants from around the world.

We also offer a Mail Order service. Please send 4 x 1st class stamps for our latest printed catalogue (or download the pdf of our latest catalogue below).

How To Order

a) Call us on 01434 381372 or
b) Print a copy of the Order Form (downloadable pdf below) and print or refer to the Catalogue and post the completed order form to us at Hartside Nursery Garden, Nr Alston, Cumbria CA9 3BL or
c) Send an email with the list of plants you would like with your contact details and we will contact you to arrange a suitable method of payment: (Do not send credit card details by email.)

2019 Autumn Catalogue 

Details include; postage, prices, opening hours, order form, plant name, description, price.
Please also see our Collections page for some special collections.

Our downloadable Order Form can be found here.

Crocus banaticus

Crocus banaticus

The famous “Iris flowered Crocus” with lilac-purple flowers from October till December. A woodland species which prefers a damp garden spot. Continue Reading

Primula Tantallon

Primula Tantallon

Primula ‘Tantallon’. A wonderful and showy, but fairly easy hybrid, Primula whitei x Primula edgeworthii which is rarely offered for sale. The rich lavender-blue flowers appearing above the heavily silvered foliage in the early spring, sometimes now soon after the new year. Forms good clumps after several years which split well to spread them around.… Continue Reading

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Neil and Sue Huntley

Hartside Nursery Garden, near Alston, Cumbria CA9 3BL

Tel or Fax: 01434 381372

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Hartside Nursery

Hartside Nursery Garden stock the following plant families: Primulas, including auricula section Primulas, Primula allionii forms and hybrids and asiatic Primulas including Petiolaris Primulas; Erythroniums; Trilliums; Gentians; Roscoeas; Kabschia Saxifrages and Japanese Saxifrages; Weldenia candida; Uvularia; mini Hostas; Lewisias; Ericaceous shrubs including Dwarf Rhododendrons; Dwarf Shrubs including Sorbus and Salix; Dwarf Cornus; Podophyllums; Soldanellas; Parnassia; Corydalis; Anemones; Hylomecon; Hepatica: Small hardy Ferns.